Our Difference

There are many ways to accomplish a project and hiring the right resources can mean the difference between success and failure. Creative Acceleration closely resembles a contractor relationship with all the same pros and cons but there are a few differences:

Creative Acceleration Delivers *External Contractor ^Internal Contractor Company or Agency Employee
Can tap into other professionals for help Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Reduced overhead cost Yes Yes No No No
Client directly communicates with the person doing the work Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Are assured of availability for futiure work Yes No No Yes Yes
Cost benefit if used infrequently Yes Yes Yes Yes No
*External contractors are defined as 1099 freelancers that work offsite.
^Internal contractors are defined as 1099 freelancers that work onsite alongside other professionals performing similiar work.
We are well versed in frameworks, tools and platforms but focus more on the core technologies and methododigies that comprise those things. This provides maximum effectivness when it comes time to dive into a project.